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How quick are your senses, if you are Rune Drewsen?

Mette Game is a point-and-click adventure game that will stimulate your psyche and introduce you to the world of cozy Danish game jams. Created in less than 48 hours at Exile Game Jam 2015, this 2D rendered neo-noir adventure game is set in the green fields of Sjælland, Denmark.

Shockingly, despite its overall cheekiness, the title doesn't just rejuvenate the game jam games genre, but instead becomes its metaphysical equivalent. Mette Game is a quest that puts you in the role of Rune Drewsen, a game jam host with a special taste for mystery, marooned in a mysterious boarding school, where Exile Game Jam takes place twice a year.

Mette Game is unique for encapsulating the Exile spirit into a game that made all of it's creators happy and none of it's players sad. Haunted by curiosity and suspicion, Rune investigates local game jammers in a noir setup, trying to find the prodigal rottenness in Denmark.

It's a special experience and a joy to look at for everyone that ever attended a game jam.

Featuring a gripping story and memorable characters based on real persons attending the jam, the Mette Game will have you second guessing your humanity, leaving you haunted and disturbed by the choices you made.

The player interacts with the game environment and objects using an on-screen cursor.

Jeppe Mølgård (voice)
Martin Mathiesen Kvale (sound)
Michael G. Rose (sound)

Louis Deletaille (gfx)
Monica Sircu (gfx)
Kristín Guðmundsdóttir (gfx, voice)
Bram Michielsen (story)
Jesper Gojal Krogsgaard (programming)

Mette Game was bug-fixed and slightly polished post-jam. It was created in Unity using the Fungus middleware.

Install instructions

Unzip and run baby.


MetteGame103_linux.zip 22 MB
MetteGame103_win.ZIP 19 MB
MetteGame103mac.app.zip 21 MB

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